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"Nothing Escapes Our Gaze"
Here's what a few hospitality executives have to say about working with us:

"We are very impressed with the service Wise Shops provides.  In particular, the fact that we receive a report within two days of a visit enables us to respond promptly and clearly to any concerns raised.  Also, the numerical scoring has become a succinct and essential tool for our quality measurement that inspires our staff to achieve better results.  These benefits are valuable enough, but the cost of the service is lower than we have experienced in the past, which is the icing on the cake."

-Nick Waller, General Manager
Harry’s Savoy Grill and Ballroom

"The report results obtained from each shop are very detailed, allowing us to pinpoint areas that need attention, while also celebrating our successes.  The hotel shops give us an overall scorecard, breaking down each guest encounter with a staff member, which allows us to further understand our guests’ needs and expectations.  Our staff views the shop results as a way of measuring their progress, and from these shops, we have significantly raised our service levels."

-Deb Samata, Corporate Manager of Training
Noble Investment Group, franchise partner of hotels under the Marriott, Hilton and InterContinental Hotels Group brands

"The mystery shopper evaluations have been very useful to our organization.  They help us to recognize problems that we are not aware of, and we utilize this information to make improvements in the restaurants.  This important tool assists us in providing the best service and food to our customers."

-Edward B. Dunlap, President, Pittsburgh Fine Dining, which includes LeMont Restaurant, The Colony Restaurant and Cafe Euro

"We believe Wise Shops’ services are indispensable to anyone with a business.  Their shopper reports are an invaluable way to bring to light areas of improvement, while also highlighting the good, which ultimately leads to growth."

-Mike Blum, Owner, The Real Chow Baby

<% ' %> "Wise Shops is a great way for me to see my business through the eyes of a customer.  The results have enabled me to quickly react to the negative comments and reinforce the positive ones with my staff.  Working with Wise Shops has truly improved my business."

-Don Sofer, Owner, Blockhead Burritos

"Overall, Wise Shops gives us an objective view of how we’re doing.  We have been very pleased with the reports that have been tailored to fit our needs.  We typically receive report results within 24 hours, which we use to reward employees for good deeds as well as identify things we need to work on."

-Rich Boden, General Manager and Owner, Laseter’s Tavern

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